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What We Offer

Individual and Group Support

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One-on-One Peer Support

Telephone Follow-up and In-Person Support at Clinic Appointments by a Peer Patient Navigator

Monthly Support Groups

Monthly support groups held on Saturdays at 11am and facilitated by a peer survivor. All groups are held in Spanish and English (as needed) (please download pdf for most current schedule)

Education and Outreach

The Comadre a Comadre program conducts classes on the screening, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship of breast health and breast cancer and its management. These educational sessions are offered in a culturally competent manner through the use of "la platica", an informal conversational dialog which is characterized by an informal conversational style and practiced among Hispanic/Latina women. The following are the various activities held.

One-on-one Educational Sessions

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The Comadre Program conducts a one-on-one “Breast Cancer Educational” session with newly diagnosed women and their loved ones upon their initial appointment.

Monthly Group Educational “Platicas”

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The monthly “Educational Platica Series” is conducted throughout the year. There is a “Winter-Spring” and “Summer-Fall” series which covers scheduled speakers for a six-month period. The topics include disease management in the areas of lymphedema, what new in the treatment for breast cancer and breast cancer in general and other relevant topics. These educational gatherings are conducted in an informal manner and support group members, family / loves ones, community are encouraged to attend.

Community Education -Breast Health Placticas

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All women are at risk for breast cancer and the Comadre Program has led a partnership based initiative to bring educational class to the community at no cost. As a result of the strong commitment of our partners, classes are held in churches, community centers, in family rooms through our APS partnership, place of businesses and other locals. (please download the current schedule of classes near you).

Dr. Elba Saavedra Ferrer
Program Director

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